Bastion Bionic Knee Guards are engineered to deliver next-generation protection, performance and comfort. The bionic design of Bastion follows the natural curve of your knees, providing maximum coverage to knees and shin even when fully bent, providing articulated protection that will make you forget you are wearing knee guards. The Bastion Bionic Knee Guards are CE certified, lightweight, ultra-breathable and will make the perfect addition to your riding kit.

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CE Certified Impact Protection: Entire knee guard CE certified to standard EN1621-1:2012 (knee and shin)
Superior Coverage: Comprehensive coverage for knee-cap, sides and shin
Hard Shell Slider: Polypropylene shell with a smooth friction-free finish, designed to assist in slides


Dual Axis Knee Cap: Anatomically correct, two-axis pivoting design. Syncs with the natural movement of the knee.
Asymmetric Design: Asymmetric left and right sides; developed to conform perfectly

Versatile Applications: Developed for use over or under riding pants. Can be worn with tall ADV or motocross boots.
Easy On. Easy Off: Super easy to wear and remove on the go. Set-it-and-forget-it girth adjustment.

Pivots Shells: Anti-scratch pivot shells to avoid scratches on the tank
Counterbored Screw Rivets: Screw rivets with soft rounded heads bored into the pivot shells to avoid scratches on the tank
3D Molded HD Foam Backing: Provides ventilation. Facilitates secure and personalised fit. Further assists in impact protection.
Sweat Wicking: Contact liner designed to absorb sweat away from the body
Easy to Wash: HD foam backing semi-detaches from the shell. Makes it super easy to rinse and dry.

The Bastion Bionic Knee Guards have a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase/delivery.

Return & Exchange
The Bastion Bionic Knee Guards can be returned or exchanged within 7 days from the date of purchase/delivery.

Wash & Care
Step 1 – Prep

Undo all strap and buttons
Shake off any surface dirt
Wipe clean with a damp microfiber cloth
Use a soft brush if required
Step 2 – Which Detergent?

Use (in order of preference)
Purpose-made tech-wash
Neutral unscented liquid detergent
Woolen liquid detergent
Baby shampoo
Completely Avoid
Any type of granular powder detergent
Any type of heavily scented liquid detergent
Step 3 – Soak

Dissolve 1 cap of detergent in bucket of water, per pair of knee guards.
Soak for at least 30 minutes
Avoid hot water. Test with your fingers first. If it’s too hot for your fingers, it’s too hot for your gear.
Step 4 – Wash and Rinse

Agitate and scrub with your hands
Focus on spots with grease and grime
Repeat until clean
Rinse multiple times until free of detergent
Avoid using hard, abrasive brushes. Use a soft brush if required
Step 5 – Let Dry and Store

Place the knee guards vertically or put them on a hanger in a cool ventilated shaded area
Once dry, store in a cool, ventilated moisture-free place, away from house-dust
Do not wring. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not expose knee guards to direct sunlight while drying.




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